Dre.BiGG$ Vol 1






Released August 8th, 2017 in loving memory of Brandon Fields aka Young B



Dre.BiGG$ Vol 1 was originally titled Cali Trill: The Art of Turnin 2 to 4. Those who have been following me closely since 2010-2011 will know about Cali Trill all too well. It was supposed to be my follow up to RxPremium:ALabelsDream. I worked on Cali Trill for 2 years and was ready to release it by 2012-2013 except a few things happened around that time that made me switch my focus from music to the company. I was staying in Kansas for a bit in 2011 and I was emailing Jonny Shipes constantly. I was introduced to Shipes by Big Krit’s manager Dutch on Wiz’s waken baken tour. Next thing you know my cousin tosses me 5 Figures (thank you Sule) and we’re headed out on smokers club tour with a 17 year old Joey Bada$$, Fat Trell and Juicy J when he just released “Bands will make her dance“. We had that tour so crackin lol, we turned our set into a party every show. Shortly after that I’m in NY in Sony Epic offices with the homies & Shipes… I go on sabbatical till 2014. Thats when Cali trill got cut in half and I kept the songs I still liked and added some new ones every 4-6 months until Dre.BiGG$ Vol 1 was complete. The project was finished for about 2 years before I did the final touches. It was so old to everyone around me CJ aka Cashius Green called it “Dre B’s greatest hits album” before I chose Vol 1 as the title. I wrote and recorded in between doing a bunch of other stuff for the brand, I really didn’t rush anything on this project.

I released it on August 8th in memory of my friend Young B’s album he released on August 8th 2008. Here goes it.




In November 2014 Marshall, Trip and myself went on a tour organized by some young homies called Burning Mad. One of the stops was in Fresno so I linked one of my homies that stayed out that way Thom Genius to see where we could legally purchase some loud. His boy came and scooped us up and he played me some beats in the car while we hot boxed. As soon as I heard this beat I told him to email it to me, the hook and concept all came together right away. I actually had the song written for a year before I ever got around to recording it. As soon as I heard it I knew I needed a new performance track, the song just made me feel like it was the theme music to traveling on the road doing whatever I have to do to secure the bag. I wrote it on 2015 tour with Pouya & the Buffet Boys, seeing their energy on stage helped me write this song how I wrote it. Ask lil Pou he’ll tell you me and Trip kept it 1,000,000 with him and took him on his first ever tour.

It was dope to record it with Big C aka DJ Big Cali and Byrd in the studio. People are probably more familiar with Big C’s voice but that other voice in the background doing all my adlibs and saying “Turn up” and “Aye” is my homeboy Byrd. He doesn’t rap but I go over a lot of my songs and ideas in general with him, it just felt right to get him on the song with me.

Byrd kept telling me about his homegirl Jade at all def digital. I think he brought her up for a good 2 years straight before we got around to releasing the video on all def’s youtube channel. “Dre B you gotta meet my homegirl Jade man I told her about the $quad she fuckin wit the movement“, I can still hear Byrd’s voice lol. We shot the video in my neighborhood, I rode around with the homies and secured the bag just like the beat made me feel back in 2015 riding round in Fresno, CA smoking big blunts. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THAT OUT





Rapport not Report

Rapport Definednoun

“she was able to establish a good rapport with the children”
synonyms: affinity, close relationship, understanding, mutual understanding, bondempathysympathyaccord

Just please don’t call it Tsunami Report, It’s rapport for a reason because a nigga just so wavy the tsunami and I are good friends. Real talk ask BatmanOnTheBeatz he’s my witness A$AP Yams r.i.p. told me to my face at rock the bells, “You got the wave bro I saw the video you did in the benz ridin round, that shit wavy“. When someone from Harlem tell you your wavy, the place where the wave was formed, you run with that! I don’t need any other co-sign on the wave but that one straight up, ok now lets get into the track.

In 2013 sometime my boy Armman aka AG was home on break from Grambling University. He just started making beats with his cousin Omari and he was experimenting with some dope sounds. He didn’t really know how to make beats just yet but this loop he was playing was sounding crazy! He didn’t know how to mix yet either (not dissing because now my boy elite at everything so I had to remind him of these days lol) so he just sent me the files and I took them to Full Range Inc studios to have RJ finesse the beat out for me and loop it some more for my 2nd verse. It’s crazy that this was one of AG’s first beats ever, its such a banger. Some of my closest homies ask me to play this song when we’re chillin sometimes it’s like a local favorite and it’s really locally made. I feel like the beat made me want to show off my Murda Made get down, it just made me feel wavy and I had to $tyle on it one time. Shit talking comes just too natural for me lol, these verses flowed like water. When I recorded it Callie was about 2 years old going on 3 and she just kept saying “we all gon ride, we all gon ride” when RJ was mixing that part of the song at the end of my session. When a toddler is feeling your song you know its gon be solid.

When the album was finished BatmanOnTheBeatz made me some soundbites that I could add to the end of each song. Lil C and I listened to the album for a few days back to back and played the soundbites after a few songs to see where they fit best. I wanted to add some extra touches because I took so long to release Cali Trill and turn it into Vol 1, I had to let my close followers know that I cared about the project and I feel like it turned the album into more of movie score.



One of my favorite tracks off the project is this one right here. Yung Miss sent me an email with a batch of beats and this one stood out the most. She’s been rocking with me since my high-school “H-World” days so I wanted to finally get a record with her on one of my projects. The beat instantly reminded me of one of my favorite early 2000’s songs by G-Dep, “lets get it”. That song had me harlem shakin in my extra-tall white tee back in middle school at all the dances. I just love to pull from old shit, usually people wont notice but I tried to make this reference super obvious. I feel like I have to always do my part to keep that era of music alive, it showed me everything I wanted to be. From watching access granted to making the video, to behind the music to cribs, to un-plugged, I want to give back to that era for shaping my dreams. On my next album I have at least 3-5 early 2000s flips. Yung Miss killed the beat and it felt only right to get my bro Pheo on there, we’ve known each other since the 3rd grade so I knew I could trust him to get the vibe of the song and run with it. Yea nigga u were harlem shakin right there with me lol.

Droop-E getting on the song was all because of BatmanOnTheBeatz. He works closely with Droop so I’ve got to know Droop through Bat’s facetime calls with him and stuff like that. We’d just crack jokes and say a few words but nothing major. One day we had a long talk on the phone about creativity and just being uniquely ourselves. I told him, “one day when I have my son I hope he has ambition like you, you rap and make beats and evolve but you didn’t have to, I respect the hell out of that”. Folks know who Droop’s pops is, he’s a legend but Droop never  rode no egotistical wave because of that. He made beats on his pops Ghetto Report Card as a youngin, he had features with Kendrick during his section 80 days, has pics as a baby with 2Pac, dude is just legendary. I bumped Droop’s record I’m Loaded religiously when we were on the road touring in 2011 I want to say. That line where he mentioned Carlo Rossi wine, I just felt like he was a real one for that, I’m sippin some Sangria right now on everything! So I guess years of me playing his song for all my homies ended up being some good karma. In my verse I said, “I just keep the money folded bumpin Droop-E I’m Loaded“. I said it before I knew getting him on the song was even a possibility, I told Bat to show em the joint and see if he’d hop on, I didn’t expect him to I just hoped he didn’t think nothing of the reference as if I were reachin. Next thing I know he emailed Bat the stems to his verse, thats some real nigga shit. I got homies I’ve known for years that wont send me no verse that fast. I’m glad he added that Bay flavor to the record, Lord knows I got too much love for the bay I just cant speak on those endeavors 🙂

I killed my verse, yea I said it. I stole the flow from one of my favorite rappers from back in the day Trap Muzik/Urban Legend T.I.P. When you re-listen you can hear I was tryna do my best Clifford Harris Jr. impression.




We all know how grimy the US GVT is, we all know this land is stolen and I’ll forever pay my respects to the natives that live in the area of Southern California I’m from. Cabazon, what a weird name right. Wrong, it’s an Native American reservation (lets just stop calling people indians lowkey, india is on the other side of the world) with an amazing shopping outlet with everything except LV. Whenever I’m up I go on shopping spree’s there and hit up my mainstays since high-school like Levis, Polo, Tommy, True, Nike, Adidas, Vans, Saks 5th and Gucci as I got older.

The song is the absolute oldest on the project, I recorded it in 2011 and it’s the only joint I didn’t record in the Murda. My boy August 8 had a studio in eagle rock before he moved to NY and BatmanOnTheBeatz recorded me and mixed the song. I think it was his first time mixing a song, listen to the end he did all type of Bat on the beatz  choppin n screwin. This track is also the only song I have on my soundcloud page lol.

The beat so old idk when DT made it, he may have emailed it to me in 2010 when we met on tour with Wiz. Sledgren introduced us and just told me he was his lil production homie and asked if we could toss him some merch. Ever since then he’s been like a little brother to me. I’m glad his dreams came true because he sho used to call me and FT me about being slept on, I used to tell him thats what happens when your ahead of your time shit gotta catch up to you. Since then he’s made Ran off on the plug twice  Ritz Carlton joint for Plies as well as a whole tape with Rich Homie Quan. Idk if he gave this beat to someone or not so I’ll just end this here lol.




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