Previously Written in 2007…

Under The Bottom is more than just smiley faces; many seem to think that we just came up with a clever idea about some happy faces and ran with it. We did in fact think of a clever and catchy theme for our clothing line, but in actuality there is much more depth than meets the eye. We are building a base for new, fresh clothing so that people of all ages can relate, but we are building a base (from under the bottom) where the smiley logo is somehow incorporated in every design. Many clothing lines have a catchy name, or are established by a well-known icon and sell by going into photoshop and changing the font and color of a design. Under The Bottom wants the designs and logos to speak for themselves. We want you to be able to look at all of our shirts and be able to tell that it is us, based on the theme and design; much like how Nike has a swoosh and you can look at the swoosh and know exactly what Nike is without even seeing any letters. The same applies with the Jordan brand. You can look at the Jordan symbol and know that is Michael Jordan without seeing any names. Under The Bottom is going after the same approach.

Many designers today also have a whole bunch of cluttered emblems and colors; they may look intriguing, but it doesn’t make any sense. Almost all of our designs are characters; like when you were a kid and wanted that special action figure, toy, video game, or wanted to be that special character in your favorite cartoon because you could relate to it and your parents could not understand. That is the essence UTB is trying to capture, one of an in depth type of storyline, distinguishing it from any other clothing line. Many designers are just normal people with lots of money in most cases. We started this all from leftover money from school, $8 an hour jobs and help from Mamma Bear.

Andre Borrows and Karim Branscomb are both 21 years of age with the same creative mind, but with a different youthful image that the youth/ Hip-Hop/ skateboard/ overall streetwear community can relate to. Besides famous rappers, there are very few young black men on the scene becoming icons within the new age, and we think this is a perfect time to take the world by storm. Two young men in college with a swagger past explanation trying to do something few are doing. We have something big, but we are trying to make it larger than life; and make a positive impact larger than life. Under The Bottom has an infinite amount of ideas and when given the opportunity to showcase them we will be sure to make everybody a believer. The saying “never over the top” is a lifestyle we at UTB live by. Keep everything unique, fresh, and catchy; never go over the top; never over do it nor water it down. We expect big things from ourselves in the near future and will settle for nothing less.

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