I would consider the younger generation of the hip hop culture ’84-’95, everything before then- the young OG’s and everything after- the babies. In this life of fast money, fast women and fast fame, it is good to keep a positive perspective of backend money. Meaning, it is not all about the quick cash and fast flips; but about the solid foundation, mutually beneficial business relationships and substantial investments waiting in the horizon for the future.

Everything I ever did that I didn’t take my time with, I soon after realized I had no control of the situation or the outcome; it was just a combustable element; maybe for the good, maybe for the bad, but nonetheless… combustable. I am an Aquarius, with Taurus moon; fixed into my own mind and ideals, as well as fixed emotionally by what my past has created; so being in an uncontrollable situation frightens me (unless I’m at the casino doubling down on 5, 6). This is why me and Dre were always unconcerned with what was going on around us, who was getting “on”, and who was doing what; simply focused on that time we envisioned when we are 40 years old sitting in a sky box, sipping champagne, watching the premier league soccer team we sponsor with a huge $miley on the front of their jersey. Everything else was just steps in the execution of the master plan.

I often have to remind myself how many people are successful, and how they got there; because everybody has a story, and when you are a legend, your story usually starts off with you doing a lot of work, for little to no money; investing a lot of money, and hopefully just making enough of it back, to flip it again. Everybody we have worked with in the past we believed in; we believed because we seen a part of ourselves in whatever brand or artist we wanted to see win. When you have good intentions, good things happen, if you work hard and long enough; because the facts are as stated… Not everyone can make it, especially when you are busy flexing your re up, rent, and car note money on instagram trying to keep up with the next n***a.

All of the things I originally planned came true, just not at the pace I predicted, but thats ok, because the big homie upstairs always has unique ways of setting you up for the ultimate life alley-oop. Opting out of the streetwear race, creating a slow cooked fashion lifestyle brand, and becoming hands on with how to create garments from scratch, I got to see what I really wanted to do; and that was to make something that lives way longer than I do. Im sure Steve Jobs and Bill Bowerman wanted similar things; but being black… theres a few more loop holes, pot holes and monkey wrenches in the process. But then again, I said I wanted the big bag, the backend check, with all the extras on it, so, its all good.

My best example of backend money from a situation not related to myself is Pharrell, not him as a person, but a situation he had little to no control over. The Migos “stir fry” beat was originally a TI throw away beat from the early 2000’s. How can you predict the biggest group from present day is gonna hop on a 15 year old beat; answer, you can’t. It’s called Backend money.

So, when you see us at our own pace, making all the moves we originally set in stone long ago, i don’t want you to think “wow, UTB did it big again”, I want you to think… backend money.$$$$$$$

(original drawing from 2007) (copyright UTB Lifestyle LLC 2008)