Though we’ve worked with Wiz and Taylor Gang since 2009 I was a fan before I reached out to him on myspace. I can’t say I care much about the careers of many rappers these days lol. It’s like the wild wild west out here and I’m not even mad at it I’m just out the way. MFs are crazy, it’s like walking across the main street in your city but having to dodge speeding cars, pure chaos type shit. In the midst of the tumbleweeds and all the dust in the air there are still some Mavericks in the game riding around toward the sunset.

After watching Wiz perform Kush & OJ at the Smokers Club fest I wondered what the next album was going to be like. What if Sledgren produced most of it, what if it sounded like prince of the city x star power x flight school with grown Wiz talkin that shit. Not going to lie I have a hunch this gon be one of the albums of the year. Wiz gon get it his bag, I been peeping the bit of promo they dropped so far, I know what I’m hearing, a tsunami is on the way.

Peep for yourself here

-Dresky Walker