Whats the good word with some soccer mate?

It’s lame to say as a United supporter but damn city played some of the best soccer (football cross the pond) that i’ve ever personally seen. Some of those Barca teams in the 2000s were nuts with Henry, Eto’o, young Xavi, baby Messi and co. Sir Alex had a hell of a run when it was less stressful to support United, back when Fergie time was all I was waiting. This 2015-2018 Los Blancos team looks like the best run I’ve seen in Champions League, they might win 3 in a row thats one for the books (no team even did back to back till them last year) but they don’t win La Liga as much as you’d think.

It’s all about prioritizing I guess, some teams develop talent and sell them to the big clubs for big profits, some teams try to just stay in the league to keep that money flowing and not be relegated, some teams want to win the league (and some don’t after 5 weeks and a few suspensions so they just concede to 4th place and fighting for champions league while resting ronaldo in la liga smh) and some teams want it all. It’s weird but this city team is the best overall team I’ve seen from Owner to Manager to Investment in development/training facilities to straight up State funded Etihad rich-nigga-shit-bigbank-take-lilMFbank-spending. Imagine 2 guys with excellently groomed mustaches in robes betting 2 million on the dice game with gold dice and vvs diamonds for the numbers, thats the type of money I’m talking about lol, stupid dumb retarded flunked kindergarden money. They just seem to do make the right moves tho; its one thing to have the money by the half trillion, its another thing to know how to spend it immaculately all while meeting the Financial Fair Play rules. United just seem to be buying random pieces and hope they fit, but thats another story for another post. If they (city) didn’t run into Liverpool in Champions league they could have won that too. It’s wild like how did liverpool become the first team to end city’s invincibles (when a team doesn’t lose a match all season just wins and draws baby) quest and knock them out champions league in the same season.

Hats off to city and the Guardiola project, If Mourinho could find a way to play Pogba as a No. 10 and quit trying to make everyone including the strikers park the bus on defense and counter attack we’d win the bloody league.

World cup this year baybayyyyyyy, pulling for England because they take the best Jamaicans and make them English (cough sterling, cough cough sturridge, cough cough cough trying-to-get-leon-bailey-how-idfk) anyways so fuck it. I think I need some lean for that cough.

-Dresky Walker