Welcome to Act II. After a not so brief intermission we’re back to share our thoughts on all topics UTB and anything that interests us along the way.

I read a story about this chef in Spain. He owned a restaurant that received 3 Michelin stars which is the highest honor you can have as a Chef. The chef’s business was boomin, beyond boomin! After some years the Chef decided to close up his restaurant. I’m somewhat paraphrasing because I read this story about 2-3 years ago but I’ll get to the point lol.

This Chef closed shop before he had to, he was the best but to himself still growing, still learning and still evolving. He told his followers, “My restaurant is closed for service but it is never closed”. The chef had to take a sabbatical in order to better himself to in turn better the experience of the poeple who love his food so much. He told his followers I’m going to take a break to travel to explore and to try new things so when I come back and re open I’ll be able to offer you an even better experience. The essence of stopping while your ahead always works when you have growth in mind.

The restaurant of UTB that serves nothing but straight butta was closed for a while, so we could research and develop. When people don’t understand what your doing but your vision remains clear is when you truly ride the beat of your own drum.

I’m excited to show all the things we’ve studied and advanced in. These days we’re moving toward more cut and sew pieces. My patience is tested every time we order samples from China and India, the anticipation alone kills me because I’m still a fan of our work. I get excited to wear or promote the pieces like I’m a happy intern that got hired on full time. UTB is my life, I thought of this little idea of an entertainment company in 2004 my Jr year of high-school and spoke to Reem about a lifestyle brand in 2007…The rest is truly history. 

Act II is about to begin. Fully equipped and ready for this fashion, entertainment and art expose we’ll bring you our best efforts and most advanced ideas. First stop April 28th Smokers Club Fest Pop-Up shop, Wiz Kush & OJ performance. We have some icy collabs for yall. See how life has it’s cycles?


Here’s to the next 10 years of arts and innovation…

-Dresky Walker